Time to update your interior?

We offer interior door replacements and custom fittings for any room in your home.

Maybe you simply want to update your interior by swapping your drab, flush interior doors for modern 6-panel doors. Or perhaps you are looking for doors to compliment your distinct taste and décor. Whatever your preference in interior doors, we can bring your vision to life.

We can install new door “slabs” in your existing openings without disturbing your doorjambs or moldings. All of our slab installations include mortising your new doors such that your hinges and knobs will align with your existing hardware. This eliminates the mess that can come from modifying your permanently installed door trim.

Should you require new pre-hung doors, we’ll take every precaution to keep your home sealed off from dust. During  installation we cover all floors, doorways and HVAC vents. For homes built pre-1978, Martin & Calloway is an EPA-certified lead-safe contractor, as required by law when any lead paint is disturbed in your house.

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Nothing lifts the beauty of a room like the added touch of fine millwork, moldings, new doors and wall treatments. Among Martin & Calloway’s specialties are the flawless installation of interior moldings, trim and doors.

FUll 7-year warranty

Our warranty on new doors is simply the best in the business. We stand behind our service with a FULL seven-year warranty. That means all materials, hardware and workmanship are guaranteed to last under normal use, or any needed repairs or replacement will be made completely free of charge. This is far different than any “limited” warranty or “pro-rated” coverage. Further, our warranty is fully transferable to a new owner, in the event you sell your home. Protect your investment in new interior doors with the peace of mind our full 7-year warranty provides!

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