Nothing lifts the beauty of a room like the added touch of fine millwork, moldings, new doors and wall treatments. Among Martin & Calloway’s specialties are the flawless installation of interior moldings, trim and doors. Click here to view our most popular interior doors.

Custom Doors


Maybe  you simply want to update your interior by swapping your drab, flush interior doors for modern 6-panel doors. Or perhaps you are looking for doors to compliment your distinct taste and décor. Whatever your preference in interior doors, we can bring your vision to life.

We can install new door “slabs” in your existing openings without disturbing your doorjambs or moldings. All of our slab installations include mortising your new doors such that your hinges and knobs will align with your existing hardware. This eliminates the mess that can come from modifying your permanently installed door trim.

Should you require new pre-hung doors, we’ll take every precaution to keep your home sealed off from dust. During  installation we cover all floors, doorways and HVAC vents. For homes built pre-1978, Martin & Calloway is an EPA-certified lead-safe contractor, as required by law when any lead paint is disturbed in your house.

Crown Molding Installation

One of our most requested features for interior trim work is crown molding (or moulding). With a finishing touch in the corners of where the wall meets the ceiling, you can highlight what once was a banal aspect of a room. The difference is immediately noticeable, and the transformation can be dramatic.

By adding curvature and lines to a panel, a custom crown molding is a way to differentiate one’s taste and style beyond the simple everyday items such furniture, color, and flooring. Most people look at the overall ambiance of a room upon entering, however their attention does eventually turn upward to the ceiling or down to the base boards. We use high quality wood moldings made in our Wilmington shop. There are plenty of varieties to choose from, or we can craft something to fit a space in a way that would not be possible with traditional store-bought molding pieces.



One of the most difficult projects for do-it-yourselfers, as well as professionals, is the installation of crown molding. Let Martin & Calloway’s decades of experience make your molding installation stress free and top quality.

Whether your house needs crown molding, solid wall paneling, wainscoting or a baseboard molding upgrade, we approach our installations with the same great pride in workmanship and materials. We cope all corners, a technique whereby we hand cut moldings to overlap rather than using a simple mitered joint. This prevents any visible gapping in your woodwork as temperatures cause materials to expand and contract. Wherever possible, we use full-length molding pieces to avoid seams between corners. When seams are unavoidable we take great care to align molding profiles and use specialized wood glue for an invisible joint.

By hiring Martin & Calloway for your millwork you can rest assured your project will look great for years to come. You’ll also enjoy an immediate, immense improvement in your home’s interior!

Remembering A Fun Project:

Here in a custom door project, where we built a shelving unit and door together to create this really cool addition to the room.

normal looking shelf
Standard looking shelf built into the wall
shelf door opened
Surprise! Shelf acts as a door to hidden area.

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