Our built-in, custom cabinetry projects come in on time and on budget. All we’ll exceed is your expectations. Discover how built-in cabinets and shelving can organize your life and lift your interior. Custom cabinetry can bring life-changing convenience and style to your home. It’s one of few projects that can provide the utility of customized storage and display while serving as the grand centerpiece of any beautifully designed room.

At Martin & Calloway, we take great pride in our efforts to make the process of designing and purchasing custom cabinetry as easy, convenient and cooperative as possible. We realize our clients will live with our products for years and years to come, and each project relects our commitment to your vision and our own high standards.

If you are interested in one-of-a-kind, hand-made cabinetry, you may find the following walk through the process to be of great value.

For a more economical approach, be sure to check out our cabinet refacing options, where we can can give your current cabinetry an overhaul and bring it to life!


At your convenience, we will contact you to discuss your project needs, aesthetic preferences, time-frame and budget. We realize you’ve likely put a lot of thought into your project beforehand. It’s important we understand all aspects of your cabinetry needs, from usage to scale, materials and color or wood finish.

If our services and your project sounds like a match, we can begin the process of outlining the design and costs for your cabinetry.


Shortly after our first contact (or in many cases, during the conversation) we’ll discuss a ballpark estimate of the cost to build and install your cabinetry project. If you feel our estimated costs fit with your budget, we’ll move on to preparing a design and quote. 

At this stage, we typically arrange a visit to your home to see your space, present sample colors and materials, and take some measurements and snapshots to get us going on your final design.

As a word on the specific costs of custom, built-in cabinets, we’ll discuss some numbers below. Please keep in mind these cost factors are different for each project. Every job we do comes with its own set of variables, from electrical, plumbing and HVAC complications to wood species, architectural details and final surface finish.

Please also note that Martin & Calloway does NOT price cabinetry on a linear foot basis. We use an individual costing process for each job according to its singular needs. However, as a general guide to the cost of built-in, custom-made wall cabinets, you can expect to pay anywhere from $900 to $1,500 per linear foot of wall. Such cabinetry units often include enclosed base cabinets at the bottom, with open shelving extending above to ceiling height. Bear in mind that costs can far exceed $1,500 per foot when you add more optional features. These might include exotic hardwoods, specialized drawer or cabinet hardware, lighting or natural stone surfaces, or other upgraded features.

Recent Cabinet Projects by Martin & Calloway



Following our home visit, we will prepare a proposal for your review. Our proposal will include a project description along with a drawing of the proposed cabinetry, price quote and contract. At this point, we will discuss any final design choices, such as paint or stain color, final project dimensions, etc. We may bring wood samples, stain charts or molding samples at this time for your approval, as well as take our final, close measurements of your space for fabrication.

Once we are all in agreement on final design and project terms, we begin fabrication at our woodshop in Wilmington, Delaware.

Often we invite our clients in at some point during the build process to check out the progress of their cabinetry. Customers can get a glimpse of their project and make any last minute decisions necessary prior to completion and installation.


As we approach completion of your project, we’ll contact you to discuss a delivery and installation date convenient to you. We take every precaution to keep your home clean and sealed off from any dust we may make during the installation process. When necessary we will cover floors, doorways and HVAC vents. For homes built pre-1978, Martin & Calloway is an EPA-certified lead-safe contractor, as required by law when any lead paint is disturbed in your house.

We will work on your installation, typically around a 2-3 day job depending on size, straight through until completion. Martin & Calloway will work with you and, if necessary, your mechanical contractors (electricians, plumbers, etc.) for a swift, smooth and clean installation. All that’s left is to decorate and enjoy your new cabinetry project for decades to come!


Our warranty on new custom cabinetry is simply the best in the business. We stand behind our service with a FULL seven-year warranty. That means all materials, hardware and workmanship are guaranteed to last under normal use, or any needed repairs or replacement will be made completely free of charge. This is far different than any “limited” warranty or “pro-rated” coverage. Further, our warranty is fully transferable to a new owner, in the event you sell your home. Protect your investment in new built-in cabinetry with the peace of mind our full 7-year warranty provides!

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