aboutMartin & Calloway founders Mike Martin and Gary Calloway honed their woodworking skills through the 1990’s on the rolling Granogue estate in Greenville, Delaware. Both former employees and proteges of the late Thomas W. Carmean (T.W.C. Inc.), they gained years of immeasurable experience in all aspects of building repair, improvement and maintenance on the gorgeous estate, home to Mr. and Mrs. Irenee duPont, Jr. and dozens of tenants.

Under Tom’s tutelage, Mike and Gary learned not only the basics of construction, restoration and fine woodworking, but also the immense value in the connection between improving a house and positively affecting the everyday lives of those who call it their home.

Working side by side for more than five years, Mike and Gary tackled many of the largest jobs on the estate, insisting on a high standard for themselves, both in quality and efficiency. Those old houses presented many challenges, from crumbling foundations to rotted beams and sticky doors! Mike and Gary painted miles of window trim and mixed tons of concrete. They painstakingly restored storm doors and wooden shutters, scaled barn walls and stone towers, and crept through attics and crawlspaces in the line of duty.

Mike set out on his own in 2000, taking the skills he learned at Granogue to the public. Gary followed suit in 2005, and the two joined forces once again. Having truly built Martin & Calloway from the ground up, they’ve successfully helped hundreds of families, churches, business owners and investors throughout northern Delaware lift their properties to a new level.

It was no accident Martin & Calloway weathered the storm of the Great Recession of the late 2000s, or outlasted thousands of self-employed ‘home repair specialists’ who came along in its wake. We do only quality work, and work only with quality people — from the guys on our crew, to our suppliers and subcontractors. Our customers know we will be there for them, not just from the beginning to the end of a job, but for the long haul. We stand behind every job we do, and we continue to grow by keeping our standards the highest in the business.

Flyover of the Granogue Estate

Take a look at the place where Martin & Calloway honed their woodworking skills and perfected the craft of expert carpentry.