Martin & Calloway also offers finish carpentry services for general contractors seeking a reliable subcontractor for their interior woodwork. Many of our partnerships come from interior designers, home builders, remodeling contractors, and home improvement professionals who want to provide their customers with top-notch door and trim installation, or a stand alone concept for a specific project. 

custom bathroom cabinets and vanity
wilmington commercial bathroom job
bathroom cabinet subcontracting

Notice how the custom cabinets and vanity work seamlessly with the rest of the bathroom remodel!

Woodwork Subcontracting

If you are a remodeling professional, you know the value of a reliable, highly skilled crew of finish carpenters. We provide flawless installation of interior doors, door and window trim, baseboard and crown molding. We’ll work with you to stick closely to your schedule, and complete our work on time and on budget.

Should your project require custom cabinets, shelving, or other form of fine woodwork, Martin & Calloway can fill the gaps that are left by the mass manufacturers. Both you and your clients will appreciate our ability to deliver amazing results.

Because we build our cabinetry and other assemblies from scratch at our shop near Wilmington, DE, the design and functional features of any project are limited only by your clients’ or designer’s imagination.  Your customers will enjoy the process, and you will love the quality and reliability of a product that will not only last, but can be the centerpiece of your next project.

Streamline Your Next Project

Since we also serve as a customer-facing company, we have the ability to work professionally both with your company and/or with your customer. Many subcontractors are not versed in how best to deal with a client directly, which can be trouble if your client starts to ask questions or request specific changes. We will never discuss costs or agree to any changes or additional work without your full knowledge and consent.

The best part is, with the quality and customer service we provide your clients, all of the accolades go to you! We more than happy just being a part of the project, and we know our work speaks for itself.