Martin & Calloway also offers commercial woodwork for prospective contractors looking for reliable subcontracting for any custom projects. Many of our partnerships come from home builders, remodeling contractors, and home improvement professionals who want to provide their customers with a unique or otherwise stand alone concept for a specific project. 

custom bathroom cabinets and vanity
wilmington commercial bathroom job
bathroom cabinet subcontracting

Notice how the custom cabinets and vanity work seamlessly with the rest of the bathroom remodel!

Woodwork Subcontracting

If you are a remodeling professional, you will inevitably require cabinets, shelving, or some form of wood products for your clients. Martin & Calloway can fill the gaps that are left by the mass manufacturers, and you can have an offering that will be both appreciated by you and the customer. Instead of having limitations placed on the materials and design of your catalog, we can come in and build from scratch, something completely unique that also fits right in with the rest of the design scheme. Your customers will love the idea, and you will love the quality and reliability of a product that will not only last, but can be the centerpiece of your project.

Streamline Your Next Project

Since we also serve as a customer facing company, we have the ability to work both with your company and/or along with the customer. Many subcontractors are not very versed in how to best deal with a client directly, and for this reason, it can be somewhat burdensome if the client starts to ask questions or request specific changes. The best part is, with the quality and customer service provided by us to your clients – all of the accolades go to you! We more than happy just being a part of the project, and we know our work speaks for itself. 

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