Custom Stair Wall Shelving

A Stairway Solution Stairway walls present a unique challenge in room design, often bringing issues with height and walk-through space. With this project, we maximized the space by providing plenty…

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Furniture Facelift

New Life For An Aging Dining Room Set This gorgeous set of dining room furniture, a favorite of our clients, was in need of a refreshed finish. It was their wish…

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Barkitecture 2016: The PawPort

Fine Furniture For A Furry Friend We're all dog lovers here at Martin & Calloway, so entering Faithful Friends Animal Society's "Barkitecture" dog and cat house competition was an easy decision. What better way…

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Desk Refinish

Dragon Desk Detail This dragon's head detail is part of a secretary desk a client asked us to refinish. A cruddy, darkened old finish was hiding many of this piece's…

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