Save Time and Money with Cabinet Refacing

In many cases, our cabinet refacing and upgrade service is an excellent alternative to replacing kitchen cabinets. If you are satisfied with your existing kitchen layout but tired of worn-out doors, drawer fronts and face frames, refacing is for you! Avoid having your kitchen torn apart to make way for new cabinets. Save on demo and removal costs, along with installation labor. Often you can even avoid plumbing and electrical costs associated with demolition of an existing kitchen.

Our service includes new doors and drawer fronts, along with new veneer over existing face frames. You can choose from a large variety of door and drawer styles, and dozens of wood stains and solid colors. We can also upgrade your cabinets. Add options such as pull-out trash cans, slide-out shelves, wine racks or specialty storage compartments!


After Refacing By Martin & Calloway

There is almost no limit to the advantages of refacing your cabinets. All of our doors and drawer fronts are solid wood, custom made to fit your existing kitchen. Installation includes new, hidden cabinet hinges with soft-close hardware. We can also replace drawer glides and drawer boxes, if necessary, for decades of dependable, smooth operation. Our durable, chemical resistant veneer and panel finishes will leave no hint of the original cabinet surfaces. We can replace sagging or damaged shelves or cabinet bottoms. We can even convert regular base cabinets to drawer base units for added storage and organization!

Let Us Show You The Possibilities!

Call or send us a request for an estimate to reface and upgrade your existing kitchen cabinets today! You’ll love the look and feel of your new cabinets, and appreciate the savings (and lack of dust and downtime) over replacing your entire kitchen!