Basement Bar Brings A Big Bang To This Party Space!

Our clients enjoy hosting friends, and decided to take their amazing basement-level entertainment space to the next level.  A boxed-in structural column created a somewhat awkward break in the space, and a properly sized, U-shaped bar was the perfect solution.

The completed project features a large bar countertop and a TON of shelving for glasses, mugs, bottles, bartending gear, towels, napkins…you name it! We left space for our clients’ under-cabinet refrigerator and added a stainless steel, drop-in/lift-out dry sink on the lower countertop for ice or empty glasses. The two matching wall cabinets will eventually flank a wall-mounted flat screen TV.

All of the shelving is adjustable in height and easy to remove for cleaning. The outside of the bar features a foot rail for comfort while seated. We raised the edge of the bar top, ever so slightly, above the counter surface. This helps prevent spills or drips from cascading to the floor, or onto your lap!

We built this unit in maple, and stained it a light brown shade.  Next came several coats of an extremely durable, chemical resistant polyurethane. We hand-rubbed the surfaces with progressively finer sandpapers and compounds for a mirror-smooth, shimmering satin finish. We followed with a coat of high-grade wax to polish and protect the surfaces even further.

Now for our clients, any hour can be happy hour — let the good times begin!