We’re so proud recently to have earned HomeAdvisor’s “50 Homeowner Reviews” badge! Like many small businesses, word-of-mouth references and homeowner reviews are an essential part of our success. We’ve long felt the most reliable method of finding any good service company is not to take the word of the contractor, but to inquire with the contractor’s previous customers.

We wanted to take this opportunity to express our deep appreciation for all of our customers who were kind enough to leave a review. As of this writing, we actually have nearly 70 homeowner reviews! These have helped us tremendously in growing our business. HomeAdvisor’s reviews, much like Houzz, Google, Yelp!, etc., are independently curated. This means we do not screen or have any editing authority with regard to the content, postive or negative, of a customer review.¬† We’re proud of all of the positive reviews our customers have offered, and grateful for all of the useful feedback.

We encourage you to take a few minutes whenever possible to rate and review any of your contractors. It helps others find qualified service providers and avoid those who are less than professional. It can also mean the world to a small business trying to spread the word of its offerings.

We look forward to many more customer reviews, and will continue to treat each job as if our reputation depended on its success….because it really does!